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FAF Software is a customizable, web-based tool designed to meet all the core needs of family strengthening agencies and their front-line teams:

  • robust reporting to support program evaluation and funder needs
  • reliable, comprehensive assessment of family functioning
  • tracking of demographics, contacts, client sessions and referrals
  • strength-based and client-focused service planning

Integrating FAF into family support programs ultimately helps caseworkers develop meaningful service plans and agencies to monitor program outcomes more effectively.

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FAF’s integrated family functioning assessment has been validated through research to have high reliability and validity; that means:

  • More accurate evaluations
  • Better data to guide program improvement
  • More informed and better prioritized client service-planning

The reliability and validity of the tool has been proven and documented in multiple publications.

Research-Validated Family Assessment

Powerful reporting and analysis features include:

  • Pre-post comparison graphs
  • Ability to analyze data by site, program, family functioning criteria
  • Demographics, Referral and Closing Summary reports
  • Supervisory caseload management reports
  • And much more!
Powerful Reports

User friendly interface makes casework, supervision, and analysis easy:

  • Designed by case-workers and supervisors
  • Easy documentation of client contacts, referrals, assessment results, demographics, etc.
  • Unique goal setting feature speeds and simplifies service planning– including integrating assessment results, prioritizing, and creating formal service plans
  • Built-in reporting and customization options support strong program management

Easily customizable by internal agency staff

  • No costly and time-consuming extra programing required
  • Customization support also available from FAF team

Unique strength-based service planning feature simplifies and improves goal development

  • Strength-based framework integrates both strengths and risk factors into service planning
  • Interface makes goal prioritization more efficient and responsive
  • Documenting client goals and service plans has never been easier
Strength-Based Goal Planning

FAF aligns with the Protective Factors:

  • Research has demonstrated that the FAF assessment can be used to measure and capture the five Protective Factors:
    1. Parental Resilience
    2. Social Connections
    3. Concrete Support in Times of Need
    4. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
    5. Social and Emotional Competence of Children
  • FAF’s service planning and case management features help build on and strengthen protective factors
  • See how FAF captures the five Protective Factors HERE
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