Who Uses FAF

FAF provides a unique value to individuals operating at every level of these organizations:

  • User-friendly: Easy to navigate, expediting documentation, service plan creation, and comprehensive note-taking.
  • Practitioner-developed: Created by caseworkers; responsive to the needs of its users.
  • Strengths-based: Supports approaches which recognize and build upon family strengths and potential for resilience, facilitating family buy-in and productive relationships with families.
  • Culturally sensitive: Tested for cultural versatility in the Hispanic, African American, and Native American communities.
  • Automated reports: Aggregates data into clear reports for at-a-glance case reviews and reporting.
  • Reliable data that drives optimal client goal-setting: Provides consistent, comprehensive assessment information to inform optimal client goal-setting; pre-populates data into an efficient service planning tool, aiding practitioners to efficiently prioritize goals and allocate resources effectively.
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  • Powerful and efficient evaluation: Tracks clients, monitors program performance, and reports on outcomes, promoting evidence-informed decision making
  • Customizable data platform: tracks demographics, contact info, client contacts, referrals, interventions, child protective service involvement, etc. for expansive program tracking.
  • Research-validation: the validity and reliability (including construct validity, inter-rater reliability, inter-item reliability) of the Family Assessment Form © has been well-established via rigorous published studies.
  • Affordable: FAF is a low cost tool that saves program time and costs, making for a worthwhile investment.
  • Sustainable: Supports powerful proposal writing, leading to an increase in funding streams and the financial stability of the program.
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  • Standardized, powerful reporting: Provides accurate and unbiased insight into the health of the program, ensuring a true reflection of improvement in family function
  • Affordable: FAF is a low cost tool that saves program time and costs, making for a worthwhile investment.

Why FAF?

Current FAF Users Include:
help-groupmahmawi-atoskiwinChildren's InstituteSt. John's Health Center
Koreatown Youth and Community CenterPenny Lane CentersShields for FamiliesSouthBay Community Services
Southern California Indian CenterSpiritt Family CentersThe Family CentreNAPI
Wild Rose Community Center Share House Hope HouseFamilies Uniting Families
Jefferson County SHIPSFamily and Children Empowerment Solutions FACES
Stepping Stones Family ServicesSafe Harbor Family Preservation Logo
Rose Family Creative Empowerment CenterBlack Child Legacy CampiagnMilestone Family SolutionsWorth Resolving
White County Family ConnectionEnoch Cree Nation
Recommended Partners
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FAF is ideal for the following types of family support programs:

  • Home-visitation programs (PAT, HFA, EHS and others)
  • Governmental child abuse prevention and public health programs (such as Family Preservation, Parent Support, or Maternal & Child Health programs)
  • Non-profit and foundation-led early childhood intervention and at-risk family support programs
  • Other comprehensive, family-focused programs lasting 6-months or longer (such as post-adoptive support, fatherhood programs, low-income housing case management)