Children’s Bureau Celebrates 115 Years of Service

FAF Advisory Board was Honored at Event The FAF Team is thrilled with the special recognition given to our FAF Advisory Board at the recent Children’s Bureau’s 115th Annual Celebration on June 12 th . FAF Software was developed by Children’s Bureau, a family strengthening agency with a mission to protect vulnerable children through prevention, treatment and advocacy.
FAF keeps meeting the changing needs of the marketplace, and that’s made possible, in part, by the outstanding support we receive from our Advisory Board. We are fortunate to have an accomplished team of professionals who help guide the product’s progress.
The Family Assessment Form or FAF was first sold in 1987 as a paper booklet. In 2000, it moved to a CD-Rom format and became FAF Pro. In 2012, FAF migrated to the cloud and became FAF Software . Today FAF Software is used by more than 80 organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada, reaching more than 40,000 children and families thanks to our clients. Read more .

Why FAF?

Small Things / Big Difference

PARENT, TEACHER, FAMILY PRACTITIONER RESOURCE: This beautiful flyer is a wonderful, useful resource to share with *all* parents, teachers, survivors, medical professionals, and others. It’s a wonderful reminder of the small things we can do to make abig difference.

“The main point is this: “No matter how old you are or how old your child may be there are scientifically supported and relatively simply steps that you can take to reboot the brain and create new pathways that promote healing, and come back to who it is you were meant to be.” -Donna Jackson Nakazawa

Peer Recognition

FAF Software has a long history of being a reputable family assessment tool for the family strengthening field, and we’re proud to share its recognition from these credible entities:
FAF Software helps the LA County Perinatal & Early Childhood Home Visitation Consortium meet one of its five-year strategic goals, “Collect data to understand, support and demonstrate collective impact.”
Family Assessment Form (FAF) - The Future of Helping Families
FAF Software Watch a one-minute product video to see how FAF works.

A Few FAF Favorites


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Words We Use At the Children’s Bureau [federal agency], we’ve been thinking quite a bit about the words we use in child welfare and what they convey. We think the words we use are important and carry connotations about how we perceive our work, the families we serve, and the manner in which we practice our crafts. We think words reflect beliefs and can affect the way we behave. We also think language is a powerful vehicle for creating and sustaining the mind shift necessary to reshape child welfare in the United States. Read more .