FAF Honors Social Workers

Thank you to the 650,000 social workers around the U.S. who act as advocates, champions and leaders, and make our society a better place!

We’re excited to spread the good news that in honor of Social Work Month, National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is offering free access to select articles from NASW’s scholarly journals.

We built FAF Software based on rigorous research and testing, so we know how important scholarly research is to the Social Work Field.

Journals include: Social Work, Social Work Research, Health & Social Work, Children & Schools.

Free access ends March 31, 2018Take a look.


Actress Jennifer Garner speaks out to support home visiting

“I grew up one generation removed from poverty. I knew children in my own school in West Virginia who had to cut holes in the toes of their shoes because their families couldn’t afford to buy new ones for their growing feet. Some of my first-grade classmates didn’t move on to second grade when I did. I couldn’t stand up for those children when I was a kid, but I can stand up for their families and those like them now.”  Read full article


Dr. Nadine Burke Harris explains the serious effect of toxic stress on children – which is often labeled and treated as ADHD. 

When a child’s flight-or-fight response is activated too often, from abuse, neglect or parental addiction, it can change the  structure of a developing brain. It’s called toxic stress, and pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris believes every medical professional in the country needs to be equipped with screening tools. She offers her humble opinion on giving every child a shot at a healthy life.  

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