By Harnessing the Voice of People Like You A Star is Born: Birth of FAF Software

FAF WAS FIRST OF ITS KIND BY ANSWERING DISRUPTIVE QUESTIONS. We all know if we turned out great, it was often our parents, family and our community that played a vital supporting role in our becoming shining stars. Today,  FAF Software (previously known as Family Assessment Form).  has evolved into a powerful software tool used in the United States and Canada by public and non-profit organizations to measure and improve family functioning. It is built on the wisdom from practitioners who do the work. FAF supports practitioners, organizations, researchers, and ultimately vulnerable families and their children, to be their best. So, who were THE MENTORS WHO helped to realize FAF? Read more .

How Do You Measure the 5 Protective Factors?

The Strengthening Families approach to child abuse prevention and other human services is based on 5 protective factors that have been proven to promote healthy family life and contribute to parents’ and children’s well being.
FAF’s assessment and service planning tool are centered on these same factors, and measure 8 family functioning factors. Among the 8 factors, there are 59 sub-items, 33 of which directly align with the key protective factors to ensure a credible assessment and a better success rate with helping families.

Feel Confident Using FAF

Take a look at our fact sheet that is easy to share, and highlights FAF’s many features and benefits: Family Centric Culturally Sensitive Research Validated Linked, Guided Service Planning Aligns with Protective Factors Through our clients, FAF Software has reached more than 40,000 children and families. Take a closer look at the fact sheet.


Peer Recognition

FAF Software has a long history of being a reputable family assessment tool for the family strengthening field, and we’re proud to share its recognition from the these credible entities:

Welcome New FAF Client

Native Village of Eyak is a federally recognized tribal government located on the southeastern shores of Prince William sound in the North Gulf Coast of Alaska. Their territory is the traditional meeting place of four peoples, the Eyak, Aleut, Tlingit and Athabascan.
They are governed by a five member elected Council who upholds our constitution and bylaws and directs an executive director to implement projects and programs according to an approved strategic plan.

A Few FAF Favorites

CA’S SURGEON GENERAL READIES STATEWIDE SCREENING FOR CHILD TRAUMA Soon after being appointed California’s first-ever surgeon general, Nadine Burke Harris took off on a barnstorming tour across the state to talk about adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress, an issue she calls “the biggest public health crisis facing California today.”  Read more .
DO YOU KNOW THE (scientifically backed) BENEFITS OF A 20 SECOND HUG? When we are happy, we want to share the joy by giving others a bear hug. So we intuitively know that hugs are good.
But there are other benefits besides feeling warm and fuzzy. Turns out there are important scientific reasons why hugs are good for you and your child . Read more .