FAF Software Migrated To AWS Cloud Services

AWSFAF Software operates as a software as a service (SaaS) and now uses Amazon Web Services for its cloud services. In our continued effort to bring our clients the best possible cloud computing experience, the FAF Team attended the AWS Anaheim Summit on August 29 to connect, collaborate and learn from leading industry experts.

At the AWS Summit, the FAF Team also learned about AWS City on the Cloud, which is a compelling competition that awards governments, school districts and other entities who innovate while using AWS. LEARN MORE

WHY USE A SaaS? Some of the many benefits of using a SaaS include the ability to access client files remotely, and pay-as-you-go for the service vs. buying software that is hosted on your server. There are no self-administered upgrades so it’s easier on IT departments.



Welcome 4 New FAF Clients!

Families Uniting FamiliesKeep Up The Momentum Family Uniting Families in Long Beach, CA started using FAF Software for its Project Fatherhood program, a father focused intervention that utilizes an open group method to improve parenting through the initiation of the father’s positive presence, both with himself and in his family. Since its inception, their program has worked with over 200 men and is qualified as an approved parenting program by the LA County Children’s Court. They hope to take their program to even greater heights by using FAF.

Stepping Stones Family ServicesShe Keeps Giving Stepping Stones Family Services Founder and Director Jillian Tsipakis is a veteran business owner who helps lower income mothers in need in the North Shore, Massachusetts area. SSFS assists mothers through providing basic child care items, teaching proper child and family care, assisting with enrollment in other community based services, and helping to prepare mothers for the work force or return to school. FAF will assess their clients’ family functioning, and track their progress while also tracking SSFS services offered, which they can in turn communicate to their donors.

A Spotlight On Collaborative Efforts Two Georgia community partners joined forces to use FAF Software for two newly awarded grant-funded programs. Jefferson County Community SHIPS for YOUTH in Georgia together with Family and Child Empowerment Solutions (F.A.C.E.S.) will use FAF for both the Promoting Safe and Stables Families (PSSF) program and the Literacy for Learning, Living and Leading in GA (L4GA) program. FAF Software’s Additional Factor’s Tab will be used to host literacy assessments to track the progress of Jefferson County three and four year olds, while FAF’s family assessment will be used to track family functioning for the PSSF funded program.


Additional Assessments

Additional AssessmentsOne of FAF’s many benefits is its Additional Factors Tab which can hold up to eight configured assessments. Here is an example of how F.A.C.E.S. may be using it for a literacy assessment. –>


Lessen Your Workload

Assessment ScoresFAF’s assessment scores are color coded for easy viewing, and they are linked directly to the service plan. What is more, the service plan gives suggested goals and objectives for every area of concern, which were constructed by using Children’s Bureau’s 30 years of best practice knowledge.  LEARN MORE

Happy Clients

Happy ClientsFAF has a 100% client renewal rate for 2017-18! FAF clients are throughout the U.S. and Canada with 80 organizations using FAF Software reaching more than 40,000 families.

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